Hello, there!

I’m Frank Withers, and for those of you who don’t already know that, for more than a decade I used to host radio talk shows about two of the best sports you can practice in Texas: hunting and fishing. I’ve always loved speaking my mind and discussing with other aficionados about these activities, but now I’m retired, and until some other opportunity arrives, I’ve decided to open up this blog to let you on what I’ve learnt over the years.


Even being born and raised in Texas, where I have resided all my life, has taught me so much about the joys of being in nature and enjoying its gifts, that so many of this state’s fine people know as well. I feel that here, we share more than a hobby. For many of us, it’s a true lifestyle and what better way to celebrate it than to keep on sharing our experiences and our advice?

My shows used to bring together masters of the bow and rod with pure beginners in an attempt to reveal all that these sports have to offer. We used to talk about everything, from bluegill hotspots to optics for our favorite rifles, tournaments and even culinary advice for hunting trips.


I plan to do the same here. My posts will gather interviews, comments, and most of all, I’ll be sharing all the information I have, and I’m sure many of you will find it useful. I know there are quite a few dedicated forums out there, but I feel that a more organized dialogue will bring us all more benefits. This is why all of you are invited to comment and share your opinions and knowledge.

The great thing about hunting and fishing in Texas is the wide variety of species that are open to hunting and fishing. But what’s even more exciting is the great number of people who dedicate themselves to this lifestyle. No matter how competitive these two enterprises can get some time, we are all aware of the fact that we form a community, and we can benefit from helping each other.

I wish you will all consider this blog as a meeting point where everyone is heard and treated with respect, whether we’re experienced hunters of beginner anglers.

When the idea of keeping a blog flourished in my mind, I began working on a posting plan, with different themes and sections, but IC warmly encourage you to request other subjects, if you are confronted with specific problems, or if you’re curious about different techniques. I would also like to ask you, if possible to share your favorite locations for fishing and any change in hunting and fishing regulations you might know about. The law is constantly changing and we want to avoid anybody getting in trouble because of disinformation. In my long career I’ve learnt that this is the number one cause of people’s problems.


I’ll see you soon!