Texas fishing

Proper hunting clothing is almost as important as the main hunting gear



I decided to write this post because one time, I went on a fishing trip without being prepared properly. I’m not only referring to a backpack with food and other necessities, I’m also talking about clothing. I know that many anglers think that there’s no difference between a pair of regular pants and one specifically intended for fishing.

It was a hot day when I went out with my buddies, and so I got a serious case of sunburn. I felt sick for a couple of days and what I learned from this was that you should never go out fishing or hunting uncovered. You need proper apparel because it’s far more protective than the one you’d buy at a regular store, believe me.

Another item I want to discuss is a good pair of polarized sunglasses. You wouldn’t believe the differences between a cheap pair that you could use while you’re at the beach with your family and one that’s normally used when going out angling. While I do not know the definition of polarization or have any interest in finding our all about it, what I can say is that I’ve seen pictures of the image that you’ll be seeing while wearing polarized glasses and regular ones.

Whether you engage in some boat or shore fishing, the fact of the matter is that you’ve probably been bothered by the glare at some point or the other. If you wear a decent pair of polarized sunglasses, you’ll even be able to get a glimpse of your potential catch while it’s still in the water! I know, it’s incredible, but it’s true.

Fishing clothing encompasses a wide variety of pieces from caps to vests and pants. Some beginning fishermen and women might be interested in purchasing a good set of waders, for example, especially if they go out either when the weather is hot or cold. I’ve been looking into purchasing a pair, as well, so I had to look at the many materials used in the construction. Rubber waders are mostly destined for chilly days, and that’s because they’re not particularly breathable and can keep you somewhat warm.

I like nylon and Gore-Tex models the most, but I am not sure just yet if I want to invest in a higher-quality set. The neat thing about breathable waders is that you won’t sweat in them because they can wick away moisture both conveniently and efficiently. Therefore, they’re great for summer fishing. Nylon does wonders when it comes to keeping you warm, so you might want to consider it for autumn angling, for example.

Waterproof apparel is particularly important if you’re bound to get wet at some point or the other. I hope that this article was helpful and that you can give me some more advice in the comments!

Texas fishing

Saltwater fishing in Texas

When fishing on the Texas coast, you ought to focus on several basic requirements which mostly revolve around getting the best equipment. Keep in mind that saltwater gear and equipment is considerably more durable when compared to its freshwater counterpart, so you have to invest in something worth the while. A rod and reel that can take up the abuse of saltwater will enable you to utilize them for a decent amount of time, therefore saving you money that you’d spend on getting replacements.


Whether you intend to save some pennies and invest them in a high-end rod and reel combo or you plan to stick to the cheaper version, even more so if you do your angling on occasion, the fact of the matter is that your equipment needs to be correlated with your preferred technique. Baitcast reels are mostly used on the upper coast, and they seem to be the top choices of users who target bass. Usually, these anglers eventually transition to saltwater fishing, so the fact of the matter is that you’ll be able to master your expertise in the field with a little more practice than usual. Backlash is one of the common problems you’ll encounter if you’re inexperienced. However, mastering a baitcasting reel and rod combo is one of the most effective practices you can perform.


Spinning equipment is also rather versatile as it can be used for casting different lure weights. The neat thing about this gear and technique is that there’s a low chance of any backlash occurring and affecting your performance. If you want your learning curve to be as smooth and short as possible, it might be a good idea to focus on getting a good quality spinning setup as it proves its worth in many situations.

While fly fishing might be more difficult to master, it’s one of the most rewarding techniques used along the Texas coast. Besides, it only requires a minimum amount of equipment and gear, so you won’t have to ruin your budget to get the several pieces you might need. In this area, fly fishermen and women usually catch redfish, and the neat thing about the region is that it has an abundance. Saltwater flies are commonly used with this technique, and what makes the experience a whole lot more pleasurable is that they are easy to pick up. They usually make the fish put up a good fight, therefore increasing the enjoyment on your part.


Medium-action rods are to be preferred along the Texas Gulf Coast as they can be used for targeting anything from trout to redfish. The lure weight rating for such a pole has to be ¼ to ¾ oz. The price can vary depending on a broad array of factors, from the manufacturing brand to the capabilities and quality of construction of the rod. In most cases, if you plan to use the pole for as long as possible, you will have to spend at least one hundred dollars.

Texas fishing

Why bowfishing is getting more and more popular every day


There is a lot to love about Texas. Beautiful scenery, great food, friendly people and bowfishing. In the last ten years bowfishing has become a popular sport, with visitors from around the country coming to Texas lakes and rivers to try their luck with a bow and arrow. It might sound slightly insane, and to some people it is, but there is nothing quite like the thrill of catching a fish with an arrow. If you are still trying to figure out why we Texans love bowfishing here are some of the reasons  it is getting more and more popular every day.


No off season

Bow hunters used to have to spend the off season shooting at paper targets, and this doesn’t provide the same thrill. When whitetail and wild hogs aren’t in season bowfishing can be a great way to keep skills honed, while still providing avid hunters with the excitement they are looking for. Adding to the thrill is the fact that they are on the water, instead of shooting from solid ground. There is no better way for a bowhunter to improve his technique than aiming and firing from a gently rocking boat.


Plenty of variety

Even experienced anglers are dropping their rods and reels and picking up a bow and some arrows. Not only is this a new form of fishing that many anglers can’t resist mastering, it also provides them with a unique advantage. Casting with a rod and reel often limits anglers to the size or type of fish, but this doesn’t apply with a bow and arrow. Since you are not trying to entice the fish to take a bite you don’t have to worry about using the right lure and bait. This means that you can shoot anything that the state has declared legal.


Prizes and trophies

While game fish are illegal to hunt with a bow and arrow, the same is not true regarding alligator gar. Like their name implies these fish resemble an alligator and can grow up to an impressive 250 pounds, measuring 7 to 8 feet long. The chance to bag a trophy this large is simply to tempting for many hunters and anglers to ignore. Adding to the appeal of bowhunting is the simple fact that you can win prizes and money.


There are other reasons why bowfishing is becoming so popular in the Lone Star, but for you to fully understand you’ll have to give this new sport a try.